Public Health Services

Public Health Services

The Department is responsible for the provision and maintenance of social (including recreational), educational and other community development services, as well as the planning, promotion and maintenance of health and overall provision of community and environmental health services. The Department currently has a total of 374 members of staff.

It is expected that the stated objectives, coupled with the City’s strengths and opportunities will provide valuable guidance to the achievement of growth in all aspects of the local economy.

Mr Kapeshi
Director of Public Health

Departmental Objectives

In order to realise the KCC’s development objectives, development priorities were identified by local communities and the Kitwe City Council which later fed into the formulation of departmental objectives and action plans.

Our main objectives as a department are as follows:
– To promote good living standards in partnership with stakeholders through better social amenities, better affordable housing and information provision in the city of Kitwe.
– To improve the quality of life of Kitwe residents through protection of the environment, promotion of good health and prevention of communicable diseases.

Departmental Development Priorities

– Regulate street vending and open-day markets
– To facilitate the establishment of a Library per constituency
– To establish Community based Solid Waste Management Enterprises
– To facilitate for the Creation of a Sanitary Land Fill
– To regulate markets
– Facilitate the construction and rehabilitation Public Toilets
– Facilitate for the construction of an engineered land fill and Solid Waste Re-cycling Plant
– To source solid waste containers and place them in public places
– To embark on the process of upgrading of Informal Settlements and facilitate for the provision of basic urban services in the Site and Service areas.
– To develop a housing Scheme for the city
– To facilitate the upgrading of the city clinic.
– To facilitate the rehabilitation of the existing abattoir to modern standards
– To facilitate the expansion of the city square library into a multi-storey building

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