Legal Services Department

Legal Services Department

The Legal Services Department provides legal guidance on all matters affecting the Council. The Department currently has 20 staff members. The Department offers prosecution and defence services in Courts of Law or tribunals on any matter involving the Council. Other responsibilities include land conveyance, preparation of title deeds, and issuance of business licenses.

It is expected that the stated objectives, coupled with the City’s strengths and opportunities will provide valuable guidance to the achievement of growth in all aspects of the local economy.

Mrs KaelaMrs S Kaela
Director of Legal

Departmental Objectives

In order to realise the KCC’s development objectives, development priorities were identified by local communities and the Kitwe City Council which later fed into the formulation of departmental objectives and action plans.

Our main objectives as a department are as follows:
– To provide legal guidance on all matters affecting the Council.
– To ensure transparency, efficient and effective land administration in accordance with laid-down procedures.
– To ensure that all business entities comply with the legal provisions of the Business Licensing Act.

Departmental Development Priorities

– To enhance the transparency of land allocation system
– To computerise, decentralise and integrate the land administration system
– Carry out Audit of serviced and offered land for development

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