Finance Department

Finance Department

The Department is mandated to ensure that there is efficient management of Council assets on behalf of KCC and Kitwe residents in order to maximise return from use of the said assets to sustain the provision of services. The overall responsibility is to source and collect revenue; prepare books of account in terms of management accounts and audited financial statements; prepare Council budgets and undertake performance management through budgetary control to ascertain value for money; administer the employee pay-roll and carry out an update of the valuation roll. The Department presently has a total of 110 members of staff.

It is expected that the stated objectives, coupled with the City’s strengths and opportunities will provide valuable guidance to the achievement of growth in all aspects of the local economy.


Samuel Mumba
Director of Finance

Departmental Objectives

In order to realise the KCC’s development objectives, development priorities were identified by local communities and the Kitwe City Council which later fed into the formulation of departmental objectives and action plans.

Our main objectives as a department are as follows:
– To maximise income generating activities and improve revenue collection efficiency.
– To enhance transparency and financial accountability through having updated and audited financial statements, Management accounts and budgetary control that allows expenditure minimization.
– To improve on the management of Council estates and ensure tenancy agreements are made/entered into with all tenants in commercial/residential properties.
– To enhance usage of Information Communication Technology (ICT).

Departmental Development Priorities

– To develop Resource Mobilisation Action Plans
– To propose strategies for improved revenue collection
– To create a city Investment and Financing Plan
– To provide a Management Accounting Reporting Framework which stimulates managerial action
– To prepare updated and audited financial statements

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