Engineering Services

The Department of Engineering Services is accountable for the appropriate provision, supervision, coordination and management of all engineering works within Kitwe city, in pursuant to the provisions of the Town and Country Planning Act, Public Health (Building Regulations) Act, and other statutory provisions. The major responsibilities include life-saving and fire services, land surveys and road maintenance and regulating building standards. Currently, the Department has 270 members of staff.

It is expected that the stated objectives, coupled with the City’s strengths and opportunities will provide valuable guidance to the achievement of growth in all aspects of the local economy.

Mr Akayambokwa
Director of Engineering

Departmental Objectives

In order to realise the KCC’s development objectives, development priorities were identified by local communities and the Kitwe City Council which later fed into the formulation of departmental objectives and action plans.

Our main objective as a department is to provide efficient and effective services to Kitwe residents and visitors through provision and maintenance of good and reliable infrastructure.

Departmental Development Priorities

– To place fire hydrants in all strategic places in the city, which will have constant water supply.
– Facilitate for the building of a modern intercity bus terminus
– Rehabilitation and construction of public toilets
– Construction of 75 low-cost houses
– To install road furniture in all City roads
– To rehabilitate the civic centre
– Build more offices and canteen
– Repair the Civic Centre elevator
– To facilitate / rehabilitate Kitwe Playing Field grounds
– To facilitate the upgrading of the city of Kitwe
– To redesign the city square library into a multi-storey building
– To rehabilitate city roads
– To rehabilitate the existing abattoir, mechanical workshop and bamboo workshop to modern standards
– To ensure availability of efficient, reliable and effective KCC motor vehicles and plant machinery
– To maintain open spaces and parks
– To facilitate for the construction of a link road and bridge between Nkana East and Ndeke township.
– Construction of Institutional houses

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