Organisational Structure

Organisational Structure

Kitwe City Council is an autonomous body whose administrative organizational structure is composed of seven departments. In order to achieve the Kitwe City Council’s main developmental objectives, the council has been organised as outlined in the organisational chart below. The Kitwe City Councils’s development objectives include the enhancement of professionalism and productivity of the City Council’s labour force; promotion of good health and prevention of communicable diseases; provision and maintenance of good and reliable infrastructure and; maximization of income-generating activities and improvement of revenue-collection efficiency. Other objectives include the initiation and facilitation of physical and socio-economic City development; provision of legal guidance on matters affecting the Kitwe City Council and; enhancement of stakeholder participation in the development of Kitwe City. As the highest policy-making organisation at city level, Kitwe City Council has set development aspirations and goals which are aimed to be achieved in the next five years. This is being done through the 2012 – 2016 Kitwe City Council Strategic Plan which provides guided action on specific areas of priority and concern within the mandate of efficient service provision. The primary aim of the Plan is to elevate Kitwe City’s development to levels where it shall be considered an “environmentally-clean, appealing and hospitable place for residents and visitors”. The Plan outlines a general framework for the prioritization of development actions and distribution of scarce resources to achieve objectives aimed at fulfilling Kitwe city’s vision and goals.



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