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His Worship the Mayor

May I start by recognizing the presence of our lord Jesus Christ as our sovereign ruler and our guide, in everything we do under this earth. Let me also express my sincere appreciation to you all, for finding time to come and witness my installation being conducted by our honourable minister of labour and social security. This occasion gives me much pleasure as I take over the office of mayor.Let me start by thanking the outgoing mayor for laying a strong foundation for the Kitwe city council. When we came into office in September 2011, Kitwe city council, and indeed the city itself were not in good taste with the residents of Kitwe. The image of our council was at its lowest ebb. Am happy to note that we have managed to move the council from the bad image it had, to a better one with some confidence being built in our residents and stakeholders. This has not been a mean achievement, it has been a very strenuous journey.

The immediate past mayor has elaborated various projects which the current government under the able leadership of His Excellency Mr Michael Chilufya Sata has undertaken so far. Further, the council and our major stakeholders have been able to implement some projects in the city. This partnership will be enhanced during my tenure of office because I believe that the private sector is more suited to deliver development. It is only through enhanced development that we hope to see job creation honourable minister. In this respect, my focus will be to strengthen the partnership with the private sector through the Kitwe and district chamber of commerce.

As you may be aware honourable minister, Kitwe city council has been selected as a pilot council to promote local economic development (led). I believe that the council can only provide conducive environment while the private sector moves the process forward. Enhancing led will also result in the improvement of our people’s living conditions.

In order to achieve meaningful development and improved service delivery, I pledge the cooperation of all honourable councillors. I further pledge a cordial relationship with the management team, where councillors, management and staff shall work together as a team.

Honourable minister, my tenure of office will be focused on implementing government programmes at the district level, and ensure that the patriotic government policies are implemented to the letter. This will result in the district moving in tandem with the government as we strive to improve the living conditions of our residents, especially the urban poor. I would also wish to concentrate on bringing sanity to the illegal land invasion by the so called chairmen, and I have in mind honourable minister Mindolo, and part of Bulangililo.

My desire guest of honour sir, is to ensure that Kitwe city council takes full charge of all developmental programmes and not individuals who are extorting money from innocent Zambians. What has been happening where unscrupulous people collect money from innocent Zambians should come to an end. I call upon management to work closely with the Zambia police to deal firmly with all illegal land invaders. My call is timely to everyone who is taking the law into their own hands when dealing with land matters. You have head our party leadership has strongly condemned illegal land invasion, and we shall follow those instructions in order to create sanity in our city. In this regard, guest of honour, let me remind the charcoal burners who have been cutting trees indiscriminately in Mfubu ranch that the council will not sit idle and watch the lawlessness but will act decisively.

Honourable Minister, Kitwe city council is posed for development being the hub of the Copperbelt. We shall use our comparative advantage of central location to attract investment to the city. We shall promote good governance in our civic roles and encourage the private sector to do business in a conducive atmosphere. We shall promote accountability, transparency, zero tolerance to corruption, and above all, professionalism in our staff as they discharge their functions. To this end, our town clerk, who has taken full charge of the station shall be given the latitude to operate freely within the confines of the local government act, and on the supervision of the council. I shall endeavour to work in consultation with the ministry of local government and housing, the provincial administration and the local government service commission to ensure smooth implementation of council decisions, and government programmes.

Guest of honour, let me assure you that Kitwe city council being a creation of government will endeavour to implement central government programme. In doing so, guest of honour, we are anxiously waiting for the decentralization which was re-launched by His Excellency the president in May last year. I believe that decentralization is the sure way of delivering to the lower level. This also enables people to participate in decision making and implementation of projects which are community driven. I am certain that his excellency the president being a product of local government, he has a vision for local government, no wonder he has made it clear that local government is one of the four pillars of development for Zambia.

As I take this honourable office of mayor, I promise to uphold its integrity and honour, and serve the people of Kitwe with honesty. God the almighty shall be at the centre of all decisions that we shall make as a council. I pledge to follow the principles of our almighty the creator of mankind and the universe.

I thank you and may the good lord almighty be with all of us.

Kitwe City Council

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