Building Inspections

The purpose of an inspection is to provide an opportunity for the building inspector to confirm that the various building components are completed in accordance with the Kitwe City Council approved drawings. This process involves specific responsibilities for the inspector and the permit holder. The performance of these responsibilities will insure that the inspection is a simple observation of the work completed.

What are the Inspector’s Responsibilities?

– Providing a timely response to the request for an inspection.
– Observing the work and enforcing the various sections of the government building codes and regulations in accordance with the approved plans.
– Providing written verification of the inspection results
– Providing explanation of the inspection results as needed.

What are the Permit Holder’s Responsibilities?

– Insuring that the work to be inspected is completed and ready for inspection.
– Providing access to the area to be inspected.
– Insuring that the City approved plans are available to the inspector.
– Submitting any changes to the approved plans to the plan review staff for approval. These changes are required to be included as part of the approved plans and available to the inspector at the time of the inspection.

Fire Inspections

The Kitwe City Fire Code requires that all occupancies, other than one- and two-family residences, be inspected on a frequent basis for fire safety and conformance with the Fire Code. Fees are charged only when business or property owners do not correct Fire Code violations that have been identified during an inspection.

The inspections are performed by both fire prevention officers and on-duty firefighters who remain on call for emergency responses. They look for such hazards as obstructed exit ways, substandard electrical wiring and equipment, unsafe storage practices, and fire protection systems that are not in working order. Another important aspect of the inspections process is to educate the building or business owner about fire safety and how to respond appropriately in an emergency situation.

Business and Home premises fire safety inspections are available by request and can be scheduled by calling +260 212 224698.

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