Chamber Of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce

The Chambers primary role is that of lobbying and is the voice of the business community. The Chamber defends the cases of the business community through lobbying and representing them on matters that concern them form time to time.

The government determines the environment in which businesses operate through policies, taxes and regulatory framework etc. These may not always be in the best interest of the business community and this is where the Chamber comes in to represent their interests.

A business is continually affected by the environment within which it operates and to keep abreast with changing environment the Chamber monitors it on behalf of the business community. This is the information provision role of the Chamber. Through information provision the Chamber supplies members with information that it feels will be beneficial or of interest to them. On the other hand members can request whatever information they feel is of benefit to them and the Chamber through the Secretariat will try to source this information.
The Kitwe & District Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the Copperbelt is one of the most active Chambers of Commerce in Zambia; whose membership comprises companies in the mining, manufacturing, banking, insurance, service, retail, telecommunications, hospitality, commercial supply and engineering sectors.

The Chamber continually monitors the environment and is the mouth piece for the Kitwe business community championing their cause for a better business environment.

Our main objectives are as follows:

– To promote the development of trade, commerce and industry in Kitwe and throughout Zambia.
– To consider and make input into any matters connected directly or indirectly with such trade, commerce or industry and
– To collect circulate among its members information and other matters as maybe of interest.

The promotion of trade, commerce and industry in done through the lobbying for a conducive business environment and consultative meetings with quasi government institutions such as ZRA when the need arises. Other consultative meetings take place on a more regular basis like the Mopani/Chamber Liaison Committee meeting and the City Council/Chamber Liaison Committee meeting both of which take place monthly. The Mopani/Chamber Liaison Committee meeting deals with aspects of doing business with Mopani, most businesses in Kitwe and on the Copperbelt do business with Mopani and depend on them for their livelihood making this a strategic committee. Other Mine Liaison Committees have been formed with Konkola Copper Mines Plc and Luanshya Copper Mines Plc. The City Council/Chamber Liaison Committee deals with matters affecting the welfare of the city. The Chamber has identified the City Council as an important partner in development.

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