Town Clerks Office

Town Clerks Office

The Department of the Town Clerk is charged with the responsibility of overseeing the overall management and supervision of all Council operations. This includes matters relating to policy guidance and coordination, monitoring and evaluation. It has two sections namely Auditing and Purchasing/Stores. The Department currently has 11 staff members.

It is expected that the stated objectives, coupled with the City’s strengths and opportunities will provide valuable guidance to the achievement of growth in all aspects of the local economy.


Bornwell. L. Luanga
Town Clerk

Departmental Objectives

In order to realise the KCC’s development objectives, development priorities were identified by local communities and the Kitwe City Council which later fed into the formulation of departmental objectives and action plans.

Our main objectives as a department are as follows:
– To be a vision carrier and provide leadership for the institution and ensure that there is ownership and implementation of programmes and projects of the institution.
– To enhance supervision and adherence of management to various systems and procedures of the local authority and create an effective and efficient institution to provide service delivery at the local level.
– To undertake deliberate efforts aimed at enhancing stakeholder participation in the City.
– To ensure implementation of activities aimed at attaining zero tolerance to corruption

Departmental Development Priorities

– To ensure that there is adequate capacity for the organisation to undertake development projects
– To enhance procurement processes of the Council
– To lobby for local and foreign investment
– To facilitate the marketing of the Strategic Plan to all stakeholders
– To solicit for the disbursement of government funds for various Strategic Plan activities
– To ensure implementation of key objectives of the KCCSP
– To enhance internal system controls
– To ensure implementation of activities aimed at attaining zero tolerance to corruption

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