Strategic Plan

Startegic Plan

The Kitwe City Council, as the highest policy-making organisation at city level, has set development aspirations and goals which are aimed to be achieved in the next five years.

The 2012 – 2016 Kitwe City Council Strategic Plan is a document that provides guided action on specific areas of priority and concern within the mandate of efficient service provision. The primary aim of the Plan is to elevate Kitwe City’s development to levels where it shall be considered an “environmentally-clean, appealing and hospitable place for residents and visitors”. The Plan outlines a general framework for the prioritization of development actions and distribution of scarce resources to achieve objectives aimed at fulfilling Kitwe city’s vision and goals.

The development objectives include the enhancement of professionalism and productivity of the City Council’s labour force; promotion of good health and prevention of communicable diseases; provision and maintenance of good and reliable infrastructure and; maximization of income-generating activities and improvement of revenue-collection efficiency. Other objectives include the initiation and facilitation of physical and socio-economic City development; provision of legal guidance on matters affecting the Kitwe City Council and; enhancement of stakeholder participation in the development of Kitwe City.

It is hoped that the achievement of these objectives will be directly related to specific development areas requiring urgent attention such as road rehabilitation, improvement of sanitation and waste management, security-enhancement, and provision of other social amenities such as recreational and skills-training centers in communities.

The Plan formulation process reviewed the performance of the previous 2006 – 2010 Kitwe District Strategic Plan at various stages, and incorporated principles of governance by undertaking a participatory priority setting of the Plan’s development activities. This was done to create a sense of ownership of the Plan among Kitwe City’s stakeholders. Additionally, recommendations have been made which are aimed at improving revenue collection and public service delivery.

The Plan’s formulation involved Council departments, Government Departments, Non-Governmental Organisations, parastatals and the private sector, politicians, local communities special interest groups, and all other members of the District Development Coordinating Committee. It is hoped that the involvement of key stakeholders in the City will result in partnership-building, information-sharing and networking in the provision of public services for the next five years.

The main outputs of the Strategic Planning process included the generation of a thorough SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of Kitwe City Council, the main implementing agency of the Strategic Plan. Other outputs included development objectives, priorities and rigorous time-bound action plans aimed at raising the Council’s public service provision to exceptional levels. To maximise relevance and coherence of development endeavors to be undertaken, objectives were correlated with development needs submitted and subsequent action plans. Another important output was the generation of cost estimates of successfully executing the Strategic Plan. Overall, the implementation of development activities outlined in the 2012-2016 Strategic Plan will require a total of KR411,846,166.75. It is envisaged that institutions partnering with the Kitwe City Council in the implementation of the Strategic Plan will offer their full support.

Frameworks entrenched in the Strategic Plan include the Policy Framework for purposes of legitimization of the Plan’s development activities; Plan Implementation and Management Framework in order to enhance transparency and accountability in the Plan’s execution; and Monitoring and Evaluation framework (aimed at tracking progress and generating valuable lessons on whether the Plan will have the desired developmental impact on the city of Kitwe.

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